Etisalat messes it up once again…. WTF

So we have shifted house last Saturday…  On the 4th of March we had already applied for an Etisalat elife package which should have been installed within 5 to 7 days. I would get a call once the technicians comes… Well, never happened. 4 days ago i called the hotline on 101 to ask for the date to ensure somebody is home and available. They opened a complaint ticket and said it should be done within 5 days normally…. I got the complaint number even texted to my mobile.

We will send a message to the concerned department…

Now after following up 4 days long to get an information on what is going on i am getting frustrated so i decided to put the story on my blog. On the first two days they said they are sending a message to the concerned department to take care of it. Nothing happens nevertheless so i contacted the Etisalat Customer Care on Twitter…

etisalatontwitterAs you can see this is all they got done in 2 days and as well only with follow up. The request to send my name to them was in my opinion completely to buy time as my Twitter name is quite clear on that i believe….

So calling them up again just now to ask what happened the last 4 days i got again the response they do understand that i am frustrated but they cannot do anything else than sending a message to the concerned department. Biggest problem on this is it seems that the concerned department is not really concerned on complaining customers. Well knowing they are holding a monopoly here. If i would have another option i would surely not choose these guys.

If somebody would tell me they will activate it on the 10th of April, fine i could deal with it and would know what goes on. But no information, only the technician will call you once he will come is not satisfying…. The Customer Service is really horrible and not worth being called customer care…

I will keep this updated….etisalatNO

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