The coolest Sunglasses in Movies, my Top 10…

  1. Blues Brothers, Ray Ban Wayfarer, they started the hype….bluesbros
  2. Will Smith, Men in Black, Ray Ban Predator 2027 and 2030, where I like the 2030 more..Ray-Ban-2030-Will-Smith-big
  3. Vin Diesel, Babylon A.D worn Oakley ROKR Oakley-ROKR-Vin-Diesel-big
  4. S.W.A.T, Samual L. Jackson wears Oakley M FramesOakley-M-Frame-Hybrid-S-Samuel-L-Jackson-SWAT-2
  5. The Kingdom, Jamie Foxx, Michael Kors S110Movie_MichaelKors
  6. Top Gun, Tm Cruise, Ray Ban Aviators 3025top-gun-rayban
  7. X-Men the last stand, James Marsden wears Oakley PennyOakley-Penny-X-Men-The-Last-Stand-James-Marsden
  8. The Mummy3, Luke Ford, Ray Ban 3030 OutdoorsmanRay-Ban-3030-Luke-Ford-big
  9. The Book of Elie, Denzel Washington, Oakley InmateOakley-Inmate-Denzel-Washington-2
  10. Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. , Von Zipper Unisex Adult Fulton Movie_VonZipper

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