Restaurant Review: Steak & Shake @ The Dubai Mall

steaknshakeWe had time before the movies today so we went for dinner at Steak & Shake at the Dubai Mall. We had passed by there numerous times but somehow never made it.

We went for Frisco Melt a Western BBQ Burger and a Double Steak with cheese. The Burger was quite OK but in the price ranger where they are it is not good enough compared to such as Shake Shack or GBK. The fries however where tasty but you get only one little pack of Ketchup with the fries which is insufficient. I would suggest the owners to have either Ketchup and Mayo available on a self-service counter similar to Shake Shack or equip the tables with tissues, Ketchup and eventually Mayonnaise. With this the tables will not look as empty as they look when you see them now. Good or Ok food is one thing, having an ambiance where customer feel well is another one.

I for example liked the huge lamps which have the pop art pictures inside which you have in the inner seating area. But outside, and that is what customers see first, it looks very cold with the charms of an Airport hangar.

Steak & Shake @ The Dubai Mall
easy to find,next to SEGA Republic in the Dubai Mall
OK, ..
no real service, . .
Nice Burgers but no ambiance..

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