Top 5 Worst driving Nationalities in the UAE…

trafficEmirates 24/7 has published today the 5 worst driving nationalities in the UAE.

Out of 2344 persons causing accidents these 5 nationalities are representing 1702 of them.

Worst drivers are Pakistanis, being involved in 373accidents in which 33persons died and 577 were injured

Coming in at second place are Indians, involved in 314accidents with 28 deaths and 432 injured.

3rd place goes to Emiratis having caused 298 accidents with 30deaths and 467 injuries.

4th place is taken by the Bangladeshis who were involved in 78accidents with 5 deaths and 111 injured.

5th place goes to Egyptians who caused 65 accidents in which 5 died and 115 people had been injured.

Not really something new but nevertheless interesting. I would be interested to see the figures based in relation to population….

You can read the full article here: (LINK)


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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Worst driving Nationalities in the UAE…”

  1. Funny article. Common sense dictates that you compare the figures to the population constituency of the country.

    Out of the total population, Indians and Pakistanis are together about 50% of the total population and Emiratis are 16% – as per the 2005 census. So if you compare the no. of accidents against the population constituent, the table are turned ad the worst becomes the best!!!. The bottom of the list go to the top!!!

    Wierd artcile

  2. More relevant would be look at the proportion of people of each nationality having a driving license or ownership of a vehicle and then compare those with the nationality break-up of those causing accidents.

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