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The RTA has announced slight changes to the Dubai Ferry timings. Mainly what has changed is that the previous 4 o’clock tour is replaced with a 5 o’clock tour. Below you can see the exact new routes and route descriptions:

For Al Ghubaiba:

 11:00 AM  From Al Gubaiba to Dubai Marina.
 3:00 PM  The Touristic Trip

From Al Gubaiba station toward the floating bridge and then turns back to Al Gubaiba station.

 5:00 PM  The Sunset / Photography Trip

While navigating Dubai’s waterways passengers can enjoy Dubai’s sunset & sightseeings onboard of Dubai Ferry.

for Dubai Marina the timings are as follows:

 11:00 AM  From Dubai Marina Mall station to Al Gubaiba station
 3:00 PM  The Evening Tea Trip

Hot beverages are served onboard, as Dubai’s water landmarks surround your seat on Dubai Ferry

  5:00 PM  The Sightseeing / Photography Trip

Passengers can enjoy Dubai’s sunset & the majestic landmarks onboard of Dubai Ferry .

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