MBK Tower Business Bay on Fire…

Fire Trucks in front of the building controlling the action

Around 7.30pm the fire alarm went on for 3 times and stopped again shortly after. At 8pm the fire alarm went on again. Not paying too much attention as the last 3 alarms shortly before seemed to be fake. But while looking in the corridor civil defense was already in the building to evacuate us and the floors where full of water, probably from the sprinkler system. As the elevators shut down on fire alarms we walked down 52 floors with 2 little kids, not even thinking about taking money with us. The roof was on fire it seemed and the whole building was evacuated. As per many other tenants i had spoken too the fire alarm was not working in the lower floors and they found out by luck more or less.

While being outside it turned out already that there is no proper information from the Building management coming out so you could just sit and wait. We had been lucky to have the car keys grabbed so we could sit in the car where the kids could sleep at last.

At 11pm it was again the police who approved access  into the building,  but without elevators working this was quiet difficult. They decided shortly to use the Service lift for tenants to reach back to their apartments which ended in a long queue.  The security of the tower was completely lost to handle the emergency situation and practically pissed off a lot of people. Understandably first little kids with mothers had to go, which is a fair deal. When the most kids where gone and people had been standing already more than 40minutes they decided suddenly to let only woman in. Wrong decision in my eyes which upset a lot of people. Of course thanks to having no concept the security let even people through who could have easily waited with everybody else but failed to give instructions and in the end wondering that nobody took them serious.

It was 2 tenants of the building who have luckily taken over this responsibility and have arranged to get the people into the elevator without mass panic after partially the security left the space completely. I would have thought that if you work for these security companies you should at least be skilled and trained, obviously wrong thinking.

Conclusion of this night to remember:  Never again high rise buildings…. We had already before told the landlord we will not renew the contract and this confirmed that the decision was right.

While leaving today morning the elevators had not been brought back to life and water was still in the floors. The service lift luckily was working…

People standing in front of the Tower and waiting
People standing in front of the Tower and waiting

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