a visit to the Miracle Gardens, Dubai

We had been to the Miracle Gardens in Dubai today.  It is a quite nice place full of flowers and smelling very lovely. Not really huge but it give you surely 90 minutes of fun. The down turn starts sadly with parking. The Valet parking service sadly does not park your car and charges 30AED for that, you have to park it yourself and nobody will bring it as well. Why they call it valet parking? Nobody knows, that guy couldn’t answer me the question either.

Second more annoying thing is that there is an army of wannabe security guys dressed in a yellow west and armed with a whistle. Rather than telling kids to not touch flowers  they go there and use the whistle which results in that wherever you are you have this annoying whistle sound around you as kids naturally run on the grass and try to touch flowers everywhere… One has even tried to touch my son , luckily my son was faster else he would have risked a knock out…

Here a few pictures i have taken in the Miracle Gardens:

The entrance is 20AED for Adults and kids below 3 are free. For more information visit their website: (LINK)

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