The new RTA Waterbus and Dubai Ferry routes…

After the RTA has announced the change of Routes for the Waterbus and the Dubai Ferry but not updated their website with it i passed by today at the Al Ghubaiba station to check it out.:

On the Marina side the Waterbus does not only connect Dubai Marina with the Marina Walk, now it also connects the Marina Promenade and Marina Terrace which is a pretty cool improvement as it really lacked of being able to reach the other side.


On the Creek side the Waterbus is now running from Al Seef to the Old Souq via Baniyas without that you have to change the Waterbus. Sadly the Gold Souq and Heritage Village stations which had been available in 2010 are still not returning…


On the Dubai Ferry on the Marina side the 9 o’clock tour is gone.

The first tour is at 11am and goes to Al Ghubaiba station one way, no return.

The second tour is an afternoon tea tour at 3pm  and goes just within Dubai Marina and does not exit it. Tea and Coffee is served.

The last tour is 4pm and is a photography and sightseeing route which is pretty much the old route the ferry went with the difference that no ferry will go through the Palm on the beach side of the Atlantis Hotel any longer which was pretty cool in my opinion. But it goes closer to Burj Al Arab and passes by back to the Marina through the bridges close to the Monorail station as you can see on below image. The way out on the Sheraton side of the Marina is also cancelled.


The Dubai Ferry on the Creek side it starts at 10.30am with the morning coffee tour which is going towards the floating bridge and than towards the Grand Hyatt Hotel next to the Deira Fish Market before it returns back to start. Here as well Coffee and Tea is served.

The 11am tour goes from Al Ghubaiba towards Dubai Marina station. Quite good for pictures and sightseeing.

The last tour goes at 3pm and the Afternoon tea round which is the same like the 10.30 tour


The prices are remaining the same with 50AED for the silver class ticket and 75AED for the Gold class ticket…

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2 thoughts on “The new RTA Waterbus and Dubai Ferry routes…”

  1. Hi Tomas, Thank you very very much for this updated information.. I heard about this ferry route changes but couldn’t find this information about new route anywhere… it’s really essential planning my short dubai trip… but now I have idea about new routes and timetable… Many many thanks.. I guess only this page in whole internet has this information.. Kudos!!!

    I think now they schedule the route from Al Ghubaiba to Marina mall now daily at 1100 am…….. looks very interesting for photography.. but would you know anyhow that would it pass by Atlantis hotel and its beach together with burj al arab OR would it pass under the monorail bridge along it’s route to Marina?

    1. as per RTA the Marina to Ghubaiba goes below the Monorail sadly. Else it would be the perfect picture route… Before the change it went outside Atlantis and down to Burj Al Arab, sadly not anymore…

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