The Global Slavery Index 2013 is released…

globalslaveryThe first edition of the Global Slavery Index produced by the Walk Free Foundation and its partners has been released. It is the first Index of its kind – providing an estimate, country by country, of the number of people living in modern slavery today.

The Global Slavery Index is the product of the Walk Free Foundation, in consultation with experts from international organizations, think tanks and academic institutions.  The Index is endorsed by political leaders such as Hillary Clinton, Tony Abbott, Gordon Brown, Gareth Evans and Julia Gillard; philanthropists such as Bill Gates and Mo Ibrahim; and expert humanitarians such as Muhammad Yunus, Luis C’deBaca and Louise Arbour.

The ranking was based on a combination of three factors:

– estimated prevalence of modern slavery by population
– a measure of child marriage
– a measure of human trafficking in and out of a country

It is quite interesting to see the interactive map on their website

here a few rankings where the higher the rank is the better it is…


For me quite hard to believe is that Kuwait is ranked better than the UAE. My experience in both countries would believe it is the other way around…

You can download the complete list here: 


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