Movie Review: Riddick

riddickWe went today to see Riddick at the Reel Cinemas in the Dubai Mall. I had waited for this movie to come out for ages and was super happy when i was able to finally pre order the tickets…

The plot focuses on the anti-hero Riddick; he has been left for dead on a desert planet where he finds himself fighting for his life against alien predators far more vicious than any human he has ever faced. Riddick is forced to use a beacon to alert the very bounty hunters he has been evading to come and collect him as this is the only way he can possibly escape.

The mercs that arrive are even more lethal than any Riddick has faced before, and onboard one of the ships is a captain who has a very personal score to settle.

After Pitch black which was premiered in 2000 and the Chronicles of Riddick (2004) it took 9 years for the third sequel. Again Starring Vin Diesel.

As much as i like the first two movies of Riddick this one did not really catch me.  The first 40 minutes of this 2 hours movie are showing Riddick surviving and training his doggy while telling the story how he made it to this deserted planet.

It is in the end a short story told long and left me a bit puzzled that this was the movie i was waiting for so long. I would rate it 3 out of 5 stars….

You can watch the Trailer here:

If you are not a die hard Riddick or Vin Diesel fan, save yourself the money and wait till its out on video…



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