Dear Pizza Hut, please educate/train your Call Center…



Dear Pizza Hut, when i call and I say minimum 2 times that I want the Wing Street in Honey BBQ Sauce than i do not request to get the Normal plain Wings with a separate sauce.

Why don’t you show your Staff your menu and let them learn it by heart?

In the online version of your menu is written that the Wing Street comes marinated.  There should be no reason for well trained and educated Staff to put the wrong items on the card…

If you need any help or further suggestions or help how to organize a Training please feel free to contact me through the contact form of this Blog.



After having called the call center i got a call back from the Branch asking me if they should deliver the correct ones. I agreed with OK.

An hour later with no correct delivery i called them back. To my surprise they said they believed i did not want them anymore. They offered me immediately to send me normal chicken wings now as the Wing Street is not available… Fantastic service. If they would have told me on point of order , or at least when i called them initially that they do not have the Wing street i would have saved a lot of time and trouble with my better half….

Thank you Pizza Hut. Never again….

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