Q5 updated to as well now..

q5after having had some troubles with data restore on my Z10 the update to was a charm.

The update via auto-loader run very smooth and the restore of the data as well. biggest change out of the Priority Hub is for me that the camera in HDR mode makes a different sound, instead of a single click it makes no 3 times clicks, it did not do this before on the old OS.

Wi-Fi Direct and Miracast is also supported now…. the next days will show if it is working well on daily usage..

Also i still need to see if the Battery life is changing or not. I had on my Z10 no impact on the Battery life after the update, so i do not expect to have one on the Q5 but i will see.


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2 thoughts on “Q5 updated to as well now..”

  1. Hello Tomas. I wanted to ask you a question about your Q5. The forums in http://www.crackberry.com says that you don’t need a BIS subscription to use the BBOS 10 phones. But, apparently, that is not the case in the UAE.

    OS7 or OS10, you have to sign up for a BIS account if in Dubai. Can you confirm this?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Mohammed, apparently you do not need to have BIS activated. A normal data package will do. But while you get unlimited volume on etisalat blackberry packages you pay hell of money for normal data packages.. so bis might be cheaper depending on your net provider…

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