The Friendliest and Unfriendliest Cities in the World

The US Travel Magazine Conde Nast Traveler has voted among their readers the most friendly and most unfriendly Cities in the World.

Most unfriendly Cities are:

newark1. Newark (USA)
2. Islamabad (Pakistan)
3. Oakland (USA)
4. Luanda (Angola)
5. Kuwait City (Kuwait)
6. Lome (Togo)
7. New Haven (USA)
8. Detroit (USA)
9. Atlantic City (USA)
10. Tangier (Morocco)
11. Guangzhou (China)
12. Los Angeles (USA)
13. Albany (USA)
14. Shenzhen (China)
15. Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
16. Moscow (Russia)
17. Wilmington (USA)
18. Casablanca (Morocco)
19. Bethlehem (Palestinian)
20. Caracas (Venezuela)

to be honest for me it is not a surprise that Kuwait is pretty much up in this list…

Here the most friendly Cities in the World:


1. Florianopolis (Brasil)
2. Hobart (Tasmania/Australia)
3. Thimpu (Bhutan)
4. Queenstown (New Zealand)
5. Charleston (USA)
6. Paro (Bhutan) und Margaret River (Australia)
8. Mandalay (Burma)
9. Kilkenny (Ireland) und Ubud (Bali/Indonesia)
11. Chiang Mai (Thailand)
12. Christchurch (Neuseeland)
13. Dublin (Ireland)
14. Galena (USA) und Victoria (Canada)
16. Auckland (New Zealand) und Savannah (USA)
18. Edinburgh (Scotland)
19. Asheville (USA) und Cork (Ireland)

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