Solved : failed once again… WTF

So another 4 days later i got finally the correct charger. That is the good news. The bad news is that represented in below communication by Leo Pio has absolutely not understood the complaint. It was not about getting the money back or keep the wrong item. It was about a wrong delivered item which was not the same as purchased….


The superior support of despite being asked by me to Google and wtf and see the results for my complaint thought even it is a brilliant idea to send me a satisfaction survey! Seriously??? If these guys would work for me they would have been latest now terminated…

sougmailObviously my experience did not allow me to click Good,I’m satisfied , hence i filled out the unhappy form…

Just thanks to an enlightenment iStore Online and a check on their stock led to them picking up the wrong charger and delivering the right one today itself. Well done guys, late but at least you solved it in the end.

I can mostly recommend iStore and their way of having it solved but once again can only say keep your fingers away from

Here a picture of the correct charger i have gotten today:



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