CIty Walk by Meraas to come soon on Al Safa road?

next to the Avenue which is about to open soon the City Walk by Meraas is going to be build. I could not find too much information on this but it seems like a park with shopping and residential outlets..


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8 thoughts on “CIty Walk by Meraas to come soon on Al Safa road?”

  1. Hi. Could you please make an update of construction of the nearby citywalk mall( formerly “the avenue”)? I would really appreciate it! Thanks.

      1. Thank you so much for update! It looks really amazing! It would be also great if you’ll check what is going on inside the “avenue”( i mean, inside yard) sometime. BTW, I read an article about Michael Belau store and there this complex named “citywalk mall”, not “the avenue”. So, I guess, that the name was changed.

        1. Most of the shops are open now! there is a theme water feature and it is a great place for a family to spend time, dine out and do shopping; many shops around the fountain.

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