McDonalds delivery, this is how it works…

i had posted the other day that McDonalds is starting delivery. Well at that time it was not clear to me how and where you can order. But here is how it works:

If you live in Media City, Internet City, Knowledge Village, TECOM, Emirates Hills or the Greens you can call the McDelivery Call Center on 600588885.

You can as well order via Internet on Sadly our area is not supported yet but will hopefully be included in the close future…


To order either way, you need to place a minimum order of Dh25. There is a small charge that is applicable, making it a bit pricy than what you would pay at the normal outlet or takeaway. But still it remains more convenient than driving only for that through McDrive…

A charge of Dh3 is applied if you order online while a Dh5 would be added if you place the order on the phone.

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