Review: Elia’s Greek Restaurant @ the Majestic Hotel

elia-restaurantOur original plan today was today to go to Applebee’s which did not work as they  had been closed for renovation. As that did not work we thought about alternatives and decided to try Elia the Greek Restaurant located in the Majestic Hotel.

Parking over there is easy with valet parking available. The entrance is not stroller friendly as you have to climb some stairs till you reach the Ground floor of the Hotel. We had been a bit early and had to wait till 8 in the lobby as during Ramadan the Restaurant opens at 8 only. While waiting we had been offered dades from the Hotel which was a nice gesture.

Upon opening we entered the Restaurant which had the charms of a Greek tavern. First look on the menu was a shock, they do not serve Gyros. OK, i asked the waiter and he confirmed that this is only served on Branch. OK.

We went for Tzatziki , grilled calamari and succulent pork as starter. All of this was very tasty without exceptions. For me this was the first time i had Tzatziki here within the last 3 years.

Main course was Souvlaki, Beef Steak and a Roasted chicken which also was to our full satisfaction and really tasty. If you go there do not make the mistake to order Tzatziki and eat it with too much bread. You will be full without having seen the main course.

The price for 3 persons with 326AED was absolutely in range and meets a good value for money.

Elia's Greek Restaurant @ the Majestic Hotel
easy to find, easy to park, with valet parking in front of it.
Classical Greek food with a great taste, sadly without Gyros a la carte...
lot of attention in the beginning which got much less to the end .. .
If you fancy Greek food Elia is the place to go, If you want Gyros go there for Brunch...

You can find Elia here:


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