Thank you! Samsung Service Center

samsung-logoThank you Samsung Service Center on Sheikh Zayed Road in Al Barsha for just being stupid.

We have dropped the Samsung Notebook of my wife off with you on the 15th of June after our son thought milk is good for electronics. You called 1 day later to say the motherboard is defective as we had expected it already anyways. You have confirmed that within 2 days the job will be done and the notebook will be delivered back.

On 27th we have passed by the service center to ask if the repair is done, but they could not tell us the status after the approved repair and you also did not want to take the payment upfront…

On July 2nd you called us to tell that the RAM has to be replaced as well which was additional money and approved from us. Since than nobody bothered to call us anymore. Calling up your phone number listed on the Samsung website ends up in a not reachable number. Great.

samsungcontactFinding out the Hotline number and calling you the last 5 days daily did not help either to get information. The best one was that you said the repair was not approved from us. Seriously?

I confirmed once again the repair to you and you said you will carry it out. Well, asking for somebody to call me the next day did not work as you had been probably extremely busy with others customers products. The same on the next day and day after as well. Calling again from my side ended up in again nobody knowing anything and just telling me the service center is closed and they you will call the next day. Which, of course, you did not.

Today is Thursday the 18/07/13 it is another weekend where our notebook is with you rather than with us. Calling your call center again at 6pm says your opening times are from 8am till 10pm all day during working days. Bad luck for me that 6pm seems to be out of your opening times.

If you would spend 2 hours into listening to your customers phone calls as you state you do for quality assurance you would understand that you have no level of quality. You are worse than a small store in Karama. Saturday will be the last attempt to catch you before i will call to the police reporting the notebook stolen by you.

The good thing on all this is that this experience has ensured me to never buy any Samsung product again. Sadly when your call center called to ask if we are happy you have called my wife rather than me….

If you want to know where the Samsung Service Center is located, i found it here:





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  1. samsung worst service ever send in my note 2 for service since july till now august15 2013 no update called them many many times seriously regret buying n supporting samsung

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