How to get RTL2 back on Etisalat’s eLife

etisalat_logoSince May of this year i had RTL2 missing on my eLife package. Calling them and asking for reasons is useless and 3 different people give you 6 different answers on this topic.

After looking into this for some time i found out that RTL2 (STB 487) is part of the international package which is free on eLife. So the way to get this activated is pretty simple, you call 101 or 800101 24/7 and ask them to activate the International package. That’s it. When selecting the department to speak to you need to select the Sales section as the eLife section will also only transfer you there.

The activation process takes maximum 48hours. Pretty simple in the end, you just need some time on the phone with them, they will also ask you your emirates id number for verification so it is advisable to have this one close to you..


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6 thoughts on “How to get RTL2 back on Etisalat’s eLife”

  1. Hi there,

    just came across your blog. do you mean by international package the western one? i will activate it today hopefully

      1. Hi
        Nowadays nowhere in eLife RTL2 is seen. Is it still available to you? Which is the channel number?

        1. you are right, since begin of January it is totally gone, but it is not the fault of Etisalat, RTL2 changed the satellite.

  2. Tomas, thanks for your reply. So there is no chance of getting RTL2 back in Elife package ?

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