Etisalat does it again … WTF

It has been only Yesterday that Etisalat messaged me that my renewal date was the 08/07/13 20:53. Today i got two messages saying that i have as well two more variations of renewal dates.

In my simple mind i thought a renewal date is a fix point of time. Today i learned that i have 3 different renewal dates for the same subscription !?!

  1. 8/7/13 20:53
  2. 10/07/13 16:11
  3. 10/07/13 16:35

I’m pretty sure when i will visit the Etisalat store tomorrow afternoon nobody will be able to explain that to me as usual. To get not further annoyed with this nonsense i have just cancelled my BlackBerry complete and have subscribed to the BlackBerry Unlimited Plan…

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