BlackBerry announced to not bring BB10 to the Playbook

Z10_on_PlayBookToday on the quarterly conference call, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins announced that BlackBerry 10 would not be coming to the PlayBook as previously expected. That are pretty bad news for PlayBook owners as that means less Developers will jump on it and in the end it will run the same death like HP’s tablet/  They have sold in the first quarter of the year only 100.000 devices. And most probably the buyers are not too happy. I got mine at launch of the PlayBook and with the loss of the Bridge function since i have my Z10 it is only good for our 2 years old to watch cartoons on it.

It was already to see that in the new BlackBerry store in the Dubai Mall the PlayBook is not really shown off. It is just hiding in a showcase in the last corner…

Sad end for a great device. I do hope they will launch a PlayBook 2, but i doubt it to be honest.

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