Pakistanis are the worst drivers in the UAE, followed by Indians and Emiratis…

just read an interesting article in Emirates24/7:

ghant_07_5_F15_PakWheels(com)According to General Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen, Head, Dubai Traffic Police, Pakistanis, Indians and Emiratis topped list of motorists who caused traffic accidents last year.

Though there have been no studies made by Dubai Traffic Police to determine the best and worst drivers, traffic records reveal Pakistanis caused most accidents with 354 mishaps recorded, resulting in 26 deaths and 588 injuries in 2012, said Gen Al Zafeen.
Indians followed closely causing 326 accidents, resulting in 32 deaths and 542 injuries, he added.
Emiratis were responsible for 302 accidents, 29 deaths 474 injuries last year, Gen Al Zafeen said.
Bengalis, Egyptians, Sudanese, Syrians, British, Omanis and Comoros also caused accidents last year.
I am not really wondering about that…
Conclusion: if you employ a Pakistani driver don’t wonder if he makes an accident.
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