Movie Review: The Internship

internship_posterWe had been out today to see the Internship with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson at the Reel Cinema’s at the Dubai Mall.

Expecting not too much of this movie I was really positively surprised. Worth Watching!

Vince and Owen are at it again. This time as two unemployed salesmen having an Internship at Google. The x generation meets the modern cyber adults of today. 1980s’ old school fish out of water character are pitted against the cyber intellectual bullies of today’s modern world. When I went back to school I had a similar experience. What makes the Internship work is comic themes of dealing with free food, ethics of drinking with your boss, and a silly love interest. The Internship is a coming together movie. Where real life is tested against cyber life. E Q vs I Q. People taking chances in life. I liked the internship. If you liked movie like Old School The Internship is for you.

I have not laughed that much in cinema like on this movie for quite some time. Go and Watch it.

You can watch the Trailer here:

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