a visit to the VOX Cinema @ Mercato Mall

we had been today the first time to the VOX Cinema in the Mercato Mall. The movie we had chosen to see was Hummingbird with Jason Statham. The Cinema was on a Thursday evening much less visited then the Reel Cinema at the Dubai Mall which we usually visit.


The stands for Popcorn and drinks had been empty and we had zero waiting time, an unusual experience. Approaching to Screen 5 there had not been many people and there was no music or advertisements showing. When advertisements started these were way less then you get to see at the Reel Cinemas. The Movie previews had on the other side been a bit surprising, they advertised as coming soon The Colony, starting in April. Well, maybe they did not realize that it is almost June already. There was also a second movie which was announced and which was already showing in end of March but i cannot recall which was the title.

The Seats in the VIP part of the cinema (all out of the first 3 rows) are comfortable with a little table in between the seats, but not adjustable. The higher price you pay for the movie (105AED for VOX Cinemas vs. 70AED Reel Cinemas for this movie) is in my opinion not worth it. I will prefer in the future to go to the Reel Cinemas. The Caramel Popcorn is more tasty there as well and the parking situation is way better as well.

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