2 times Fire Alarm in my Building within one week… Consequences? WTF

MBK towerWe are living in the 52nd floor of a Tower here in Business Bay. Within one week we had now the second time a massive fire alarm running for minutes and not only for 30 seconds and turning off.  Asking the security we had been told that on the 42nd floor something happened. But what are the consequences? It is quite scary if you live in the 52nd floor with 2 kids and the elevators shut down because of the fire alarm. I looked in the stairway and saw heavy movements there, people carrying out things already. Not a nice situation at all. But what happens to the people creating these alarms?

In my opinion, kick them out of the building on the street. I personally couldn’t care less. Who is stupid enough to create a fire alarm should live somewhere in the desert in a tent. – My opinion.

I will follow this up with the Building owner as this is really annoying.


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One thought on “2 times Fire Alarm in my Building within one week… Consequences? WTF”

  1. 52 Floor? Wow, nice view. Your are high enough for a base jump. Ok not you, you are a little bit to large. But you wife? You children? Or use the roof crane.
    I live in JLT in a 44 storey tower on the 41th floor. Stairway is nice from tenth or fiveteenth floor. In the past, we had fire alarms between 3 and 5 times a day an up to 3 times a week. I hate the alarm. I hate the industrial siren, installed in every apartment. I hate all.
    One way to solve the problem, is a fire safe panic room. The bathroom is a good choice for the first time. All you need is a scuba gear.

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