Update: Review: Pizza Hut Delivery, WTF

intfail-owned-pizza-hut-has-pizza-obvious-failAfter i made the review on Pizza Hut 2 days ago i also messaged them via their Facebook and Twitter Account. Today they replied via their Facebook account…

Sadly instead of admitting they made a fault they just updated the homepage price to 69AED and said nothing is wrong…

Well, whoever you are working there, you must have a complete lack of customer care, no sorry, you are an idiot. If you would have read the link i posted in my  you would have seen my screenshot, and than message than no logic thinking person could come on the idea to change the price and pretend it was like that…

If i was your boss, you would be unemployed now, that simple.

here the answer from Pizza Hut Middle East from today:


Here the homepage on Friday:


Here the updated Homepage today:



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