Review: Pizza Hut Delivery, WTF

pizzawe had ordered today Pizza Hut. We went for the Meal for 4 with a chicken BBQ and a Chicken Super Supreme Pizza. The Meal comes with garlic bread, salad and Pepsi and is on 65AED which is every reasonable.

The order took only 30 minutes to deliver which is really good. Sadly than the story started to turn a bit. The pizza delivered was correct and tasty. The garlic bread came with cheese on it which was never ordered. the 4 medium Pepsi which they announce on their homepage to come with it are 2 0.5l bottles. OK, at least put 4 cans instead.. That makes it easier if you are with 4 persons. The most surprising thing was that the Pack is in the Deals section of their website on 65AED while it is already on 69AED on the bill. It is not about the money but that shouldn’t be. Also the bill shows an up for garlic supreme, whatever that is and another up for the chicken super supreme. Well that is fine but should have been explained by the operator initially on ordering..

For me as much as i liked the Pizza the feeling of being cheated leaves a bad taste. Personally


Review Pizza Hut Delivery
fast, nothing to complain..
was good, nothing to complain..,.
friendly on the phone but delivering things which have not been ordered
Even the Pizza is good the other things make it fail for me and i will not order there again..

I have send them an email of course but i do not expect them to answer me…

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