Worlds Cheapest Petrol Prices, UAE on the 5th place…

289623199Arabian Business has released a list of the top 10 counties with the cheapest Petrol. Obviously Germany is not on that list but the UAE are on 5th place, but i am really wondering how petrol can be soo cheap in Venezuela…

I also had remembered that Kuwait was less than half the price of the UAE petrol. Interesting as well would be a quality comparison on this.


1. Venezuela US$0.06
2. Saudi Arabia US$0.45
3. Kuwait US$0.81
4. Egypt US$1.14
5. UAE US$1.77
6. Iran US$2.15
7. Nigeria US$2.34
8. Malaysia US$2.36
9. Mexico US$3.22
10. United States US$3.29

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