Update: My Souq.com experience…

I had last week a bad experience with Souq.com. So i had contacted the support to explain me the problem. I had on above link shown that the same seller (honey777) is selling the same camera which was out of stock suddenly 7 days after i had paid it online again for a higher price.

The answer from the support is a joke, the seller i bought from named honey777 is not the same one selling it same time with a higher price, as well named honey777. I am sure they have a user system which allows multiple users with the same name… WTF.



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2 thoughts on “Update: My Souq.com experience…”

  1. Souq.com is the most unprofessional e-commerce site, it seems they think they are too big to care.

    Placed an order for a flat screen TV 12 days back – when it was advertised as “in stock” on their website, and continued to be advertised 2 days after I made the purchase. After 12 days and repeated followups, the order was cancelled by them !!! the item apparently is suddenly was out of stock.

    Fraud is the word that comes to mind….


  2. I ordered an urban decay naked palette in that he/she sale which they posted as 500 original and bow for 99 sale. When it arrived after 5 days it was FAKE PRODUCT -_- SOUQ.COM SUCKS!
    Now i am waiting for my money to be refunded from last 2 days 🙁 and for such a cheap product selling they will even cut my delivery charge as well which should not be because its their fault. I wish Ebay.com opens theur online shopping website for UAE soon.

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