Trip to the Hatta Pools

IMG_1222we had nothing better to do today so we went to the Hatta Pools. We tool the E44 direct through the Border Check Points this time rather than the way through the Sharjah Kalba road which worked perfectly. Nobody was really interested in the passports and the Oman insurance was also not asked a single time, neither on the way to the pools or on the way back.

Using the UAE Offroad Explorer was easy and the descriptions made it extreme simple. We had a visit to the Hatta Dam first and went then on to the Pools. Sadly roughly 1,5km after the Checkpoint the road goes on a detour which makes the explorer useless at that point. But we nevertheless found the pools with a bit of try and error.

The Pools were quite empty of water even i thought they would have more after the rain of the past week. There were a hell lot of people making picnic or barbecue nevertheless. We had sadly not been prepared enough for that.

Here are a few pictures taken today:

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