Got my new micro Sim card from Etisalat…

etisalat sim cardfor the new BlackBerry Z10 i require a micro Sim card to use it. Rather than again cutting the Sim card as i did when i got the iPhone 4 on its launch this time i did not want to cut it, I approached Etisalat which i did already with stomach pain as till date i never left an Etisalat store on less than an hour. I visited their Branch at the Dubai Mall yesterday after the cinema visit and was surprised that it only took 5 minutes and 25AED to get it done. The guy on the ticket machine gave me a number which was the second next coming, and even though the shop was full of customers i waited 3 minutes only. For the change they required to fill out a form and the emirates id and that is it. Activation was done within half an hour. Well done Etisalat.


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