Thank you National Bank of Abu Dhabi… WTF

NBAD-Logomy wife got a cheque for her salary from the Invest Bank. Like usual i wanted to deposit it to my NBAD account. My wife has the same last name and this was previously no issue. Even cheques on complete other names had never been an issue to deposit to my account before. Not so this time. We deposited the cheque at the Sheikh Zayed Road ATM close to Oasis Center. After 2 weeks not being credited i got a call from my branch in Mussafah that i can pick up the cheque as it was not credited during their sensational opening times which do not match my working times at all.

I found a day to make it just to hear that as i did not turn up earlier they send it to my PO Box. Well great, another 2 weeks later i got the cheque finally as the PO Box i am using is the Company PO Box. After trying than to cash the cheque with the Invest Bank they told us that the NBAD first needs to cancel the remarks on the back of the cheque. Seriously? I have the original cheque , who care that the ATM made a note on the back. This is the original one. Fail of course. Logic thinking does not work with Banks over here. So tried the NBAD at the Dubai Mall to cancel this. They explained that only the branch where the cheque was deposited can cancel this. I explained that the opening times are not working for me and i am in Abu Dhabi from Saturdays to Thursdays working. He asked me to go to the Mussafah branch and tell them it was in their ATM. WTF. So well, my wife managed today to visit the NBAD next to Oasis Center and they said without the letter with which the cheque came nothing is possible. Of course this letter is thrown away long time back already.

This bank is helpful as cancer. In the moment you want something they will find 1000 reasons why not but they look not for a single reason for a yes. Ridiculous. In the end we will ask not my wife’s employer to issue a new cheque… needless to say that this Bank is not recommended to deal with…

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