Get your childs vaccinations for almost free in Dubai

vaccineIf you have like me vaccinations not included in your private health insurance this gets specially at new borns quite costly. A workaround that is pretty easy.

Take the rental contract, the birth certificate and go to for example to Al Baraha Hospital. Register there for a health card. The fees for that are 110AED per year for kids till 10 years old and with the issued health card you get any vaccinations for free in the governmental owned hospitals.

That’s it. Pretty easy to do and compared to the vaccinations which are on 550AED each in a private clinic the left over money can be invested in kids toys

Hospitals you can use are for example the Latifa Hospital and the Rashid Hospital. You can apply even if the visa is on Abu Dhabi like in our case, for that you just need the rental contract to proof you are living in Dubai.


More infos: (LINK)


There is more actual information in this new article (LINK)

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80 thoughts on “Get your childs vaccinations for almost free in Dubai”

    1. well without Dubai registered rental contract it does not work. It is only for Dubai residents. So if the rental contract is on your wife it does work as well of course.

  1. Even if it has increased, i’d go for it. I paid AED920 at Rafa Hospital on my baby’s vaccination when she was 2 months old.

    1. it is definitely cheaper than paying yourself. But only works like this the first few years, one the vaccinations are only every 2 years it is cheaper to pay yourself..

    1. Sorry, i cannot tell you, you will have to ask the authorities. All in all it is not so useful any longer as the fees have been increased quite heavily.

  2. My wife went to Al Baraha today to get the health card done for our new born. She was told that for getting the vaccination there was no need to get the health card done. all that is required was to take the tennancy contract to the nearest health care center at the time of immunization and they will administer the same. i am surprised if the same is true

    1. Shailesh, did you end up getting your newborn’s vaccinations at Al Baraha Hospital? Would you be kind enough to share the experience and what procedure, paperwork to get the vaccinations? Thanks a ton.

      1. will if this will help and I know it will cause i was just surfing the net for last week searching for what I will share right now.
        Immunization is absolutely free I just came with my baby from ALQUSAIS health center she had her 2 month vacc.
        Having the baby’s vacc. card from the country of birth was the only requirement .
        Some tips though, u have to go very early new files are opened for registering betweem 8am-10am ONLY .
        Don’t count on calling health center they rarely answer the phone and even if the info. given over the phone are totally misleading.

        1. You mean to say no health card or tenancy contract?? Only birth certificate and vaccination book??

    2. We went to al baraha hospital there they told us that they are nt giving any vaccination for babies and we should go for govt clinics and also they said they don’t have any information regarding free vaccination…nw iam confused pls help me

  3. For the vaccinations u don’t need to obtain a health card…u have to visit any health centre (there is one near Karama Metro station) with your tenancy contract (the proof that you are a dubai resident) and the vaccination book, they will charge 110 dhs for the registration and you will get the date for the vaccination.

    1. If you are a Sharjah resident then it’s completely free…they don’t even charge you for the registration even

        1. could you please tell which hospital it is & what are the procedures as iam planing to get my 8 month old baby vaccinated

      1. Hi Naushad,

        We are Sharjah resident wonder if you can help me with do we need to get the health card for the baby vacination of two month. My visa is from Dubai. what is the exact procedure? Tons of thanks in advance.

  4. Which hospital or clinic are free for babies vaccination? So what if no tenancy contract nor health card. Only birth cert that the baby is born here.. is it still be free?

  5. Has someone got their baby vaccinated in Sharjah recently. There is very little information about vaccination in sharjah available on the internet. So, any leads in this regard would be extremely valuable. Thanks a ton!

      1. I can confirm that Vaccination in Sharjah is free of cost for children if you are a Sharjah resident. Hence Sharjah visa.

  6. Visit maternal and child hospital @ al fisht area . it is free there but you have take appointment 1 month prior to the date… check these co-ordinates in google map to find the exact location… 25°22’49.2″N 55°24’13.3″E

  7. I really want to know where i can get my 2 month old baby vaccinated here as i have student visa on my father’s name and my husband is out of town so i dont have a resident visa to get health card done.. Does anyone knows where vaccination at lesser rate is provided???

  8. I confirm it is free in Dubai I have taken my baby to alqusais health center where they issued a vaccination card free of charge ,also they did not ask about the tenancy contract just they asked me where am i staying.
    just in case take your contract with you .

  9. Vaccine for new born is free.and newborn dont have to have a health card to get the immunization up until a year. Obtaining a health card cost 510 at albaraha hosp and valid for a year.We could just bring the baby to the center to get the vaccine.

    1. Dear Nwallace, Could you please tell me the location in Dubai for free Vaccination for one year baby

      1. I would like to share my recent experience. My daughter was born in canada and they don’t give vaccinations there. We traveled after a month to come back to Dubai. I went to Al-Baraha and was sent to Dubai hospital and then to Nad al Hamar medical center. I was told according to our area of residence we have to go to the closest government medical center. Nad al Hamar sent us to Khawaneej medical center. They have a list of areas with allocated numbers mentioned on tenancy contracts which mentions the catchment area allocated. They took tenancy contract+baby’s passport+ my husband’ s passport. Initially they said baby should have residency visa which I told them we cannot apply due to eid holidays and Nad Al Hamar branch told us it wasnt required. They took the papers and I paid 110dhs and I was given a health card. Vaccinations are free now. I have realised every hospital will give you different info. This was my experience. Hopefully it will help someone.

        1. Thank you… I have to take my son too in Baraha Hospital. I just have a birth certificate, dont know if they accept it or i need a passport for him, will come to know once i reach there…

      1. I am living in Dubai(My tenacy contract based on Dubai)…but I am working in sharjah(my visa based on sharjah)… there any possible to get Health card and vaccination at Dubai…..Please anyone clear it this case…..thanks

  10. My baby having dubai residence visa and needs 15 month’s vaccination. But my Tenancy contract is registered under company name. Is it enough to get free vaccination without health card in Dubai?

  11. I have been to Rashid hospital this morning and gained a health card for my 4 month old daughter, i paid 110 AED

    1. What are the requirement they asked? And how long they will give the health card after applying? Thanks for your shared info.

    1. I am living in Dubai(My tenacy contract based on Dubai)…but I am working in sharjah(my visa based on sharjah)… there any possible to get Health card and vaccination at Dubai…..Please anyone clear it this case…..thanks

  12. i have visa of dubai and we are in abu dhabi one year ago i vacinated my baby free when 7 of july i went to hospital for my baby vacination they told me i have dubai visa so they can’t vacinat my baby what is this if any one can help or suggest me plz……

  13. hi guys I am living in dubai with my in laws. .
    We don’t have a tenancy contract.. In that case what would be the alternative document to be produced.. I badly need a health card for my son..could anybody help?

  14. I am living in Dubai .I have Dubai visa.can II get free vaccination for my one year old baby at any Dubai or sharjah hospitals?

  15. I am living in Sharjah, I have baby of one month old. Plese can someone tel me how can i can take vaccination of my baby and which hospital could be better without pay, thanks

  16. I am living in dubai (silicon oasis), I have baby of 16th month old. Please can someone tell me how can i can take vaccination of my baby and which hospital could be better without pay, thanks

  17. Hi dears i m having 50day old baby. My husband is working in dubai. I m in my husband visa. Tenancy contract is in my husband name in sharjah. My baby was born in india. Now baby is in sharjah. But baby is in visit visa for 90 days. How can i get free vaccination in government hospitals. Is it possible to get free vaccination for my baby.

  18. I lost my rental contract . But i have my son birth certificate and its verified too.. can i get the health card for my sons vaccination

    1. Thanks HHK, I live in sharjah.. I’ll check it. I hope they accept my child for 18 months free vaccinations…

  19. Hi Guys, Just wanted to share my experience with you, in case it helps anybody. I got a 1 month new born baby born in UAE/Ajman Thumbay hospital on 27th July 2016, then I got him a Birth Certificate from Ajman Preventive Medical center & later got it attested from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Dubai. Not yet applied for a Passport yet, but I went to Dubai Hospital for enrolling him for a free vaccination course, and Alhamdullilah they made a health card for my child. They just asked me the Attested Birth Certificate, Father’s Original & a copy of Passport & a baby’s photograph + AED 120…Thats it. I was lacking with a photograph, so they made a temporary health card for my child and said we’ll make a formal card once you bring in the baby’s pp size photograph…

    1. Thank you for the information but please on which emirates is your tenacy contract dubai or ajman?

  20. but latifa told me that unless your babies visa isnt stamped on the passport , your health card cannot be made, i have the attested birth certfiicate, rental contract and all other docs, pls help

  21. So they did not ask for your tenancy contract? And on that same day your baby got vaccinated on the same hospital? Do we need to be early? Are there a lot of people?

  22. Hi actually the rental contract is under my mothers name…. is there any chance to get healthcard for my newborn in this case

  23. I just booked an appointment with Al Ittihad health care center near business Bay metro station. No need to pay any thing. Just carry copies of parents marriage cert, PP, Emirates ID, baby vaccination book, tenancy contract while going for vaccination. Note there is no need to take health card also.

  24. Hi guys , my baby is 3 months old and on visit visa. she was born in Pakistan. Kindly confirm if we can do vaccination free of cost or with the health card cz I went to belhol hospital and took 1000 dhs for vaccination.

  25. Hello Friends, I have 2 months old baby whose next vaccination dates are near (Dec 26) . As I live in Sharjah , can anybody suggest me health centers in sharjah for free vaccination . How can I book for it ? Is it possible to get it done from any vaccination centers in Dubai ? Baby’s passport is under process now and I only have his Birth Certificate. Can anyone suggest solution for my case ?

  26. Hi,

    My baby is 17 months old now. Please advise is there any vaccinations need to be done.

    I have health card for my family including baby. Advise which hospital is better near Al Bharsha-1.


  27. Hi
    My baby 9 months old and my family haveing visit visa from where I can get this vaccination for my baby on Vista visa.I have his vaccination card of my country.I’m haveing Dubai visa
    in Dubai On Vista visa witch hospital giveing this vaccination?

  28. hai,
    My bay is 18 months old, she needs vaccination, baby is in dubai resident visa and living in dubai, which medical center giving free vaccination, did they required any insurance card (due to compulsory card), Please advise me the procedures and vaccination center for free.
    is there any registration process before vaccination or i can take my baby in one time and get vaccination on same time.

  29. Hi my daughter is going to turn 17 months and I don’t have tendency contract on my name it’s in my brothers name which hospital I can do free vaccination in dubai can you plz guide me

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