Etisalat online payment sucks…

etisalatNOi have tried to pay my Etisalat bill online a week ago. I wanted to pay with my credit card , like usual, but as i got a new credit card as the old one was expired i could not make the payment as the page told me that this is not my registered credit card i used before. Fine i though. I have to change my credit card details somewhere on the page. But i could not find anything. An email to the Etisalat stayed unanswered till date. Like usual. So as there is no way to make an online payment on the Etisalat page anymore and also the Helpline was a disaster i made the payment on a NBAD ATM. At least that worked very well. I was just not in the mood to wait another 50 minutes in the queue of the Etisalat Shop in the nearby Dubai Mall.

Luckily i am looking for a new apartment right now, and having DU instead of Etisalat is a clear must have after 11 months of horrible experiences on land line, internet, TV and mobile with Etisalat…..


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