Review: Papa Johns Pizza Delivery

we decided today to order a Pizza instead of cooking ourselves. As we could not order Papa John’s in the beginning of the year where we had to get N_K_D Pizza instead because Papa Johns had neither chicken or pepperoni available we gave them today another call.

This time they had once again no pepperoni but at least chicken, so we went for a chicken BBQ Pizza with chicken strips and Pepsi. Delivery was given with 30 to 40 minutes which was an hour, but with Papa John’s we are used to that.

The chicken strips with the barbeque sauce are quite OK. Nothing special but also not bad. The Pizza itself was a bit boring. It was not as tasty as the one from N_K_D. I personally think that the company having the Papa John’s franchise here is just careless about it. In Kuwait we had regularly Papa John’s and it was always great. Here it is only a choice when all other Pizza stores are closed. Personally i will avoid ordering there again.

We had the meal for 3 combo which is one large Pizza plus the starter plus three cans of Pepsi for 70AED which is a fair deal.

Review Papa Johns Pizza
slow, not keeping promised times.
sadly nothing special, you are lucky if they have ingredients you like to have,.
the online ordering removes personal contact, but the delivery driver was very friendly
if nobody else delivers to your place, go for it.
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