closed u turn between Al Wasl and Satwa really sucks..

since i am back from my vacation the u turn between Al Wasl and Satwa is closed. That means you have to drive one traffic light further to get a u turn. As Business Bay has no really good connection direction Abu Dhabi this really sucks. Before there was never traffic coming from Sheikh Zayed road Dubai bound to exit to Jumeirah on the Dubai Mall exit. Yesterday it took me 20 minutes just get around. I do really see no sense in this. It makes things only more complicated…


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4 thoughts on “closed u turn between Al Wasl and Satwa really sucks..”

  1. I am not sure why you use this u-turn on Al Wasl Road, but if it is to commute to Abu Dhabi, wouldn’t it be possible to use the flyover that goes from the road in front of the Dubai Mall (Doha Road I think) to Sheikh Zayed Road? Or do you drive directly from Business Bay onto Sheikh Zayed Road instead of going via Downtown Dubai?

    1. right i’m not going through downtown. I could drive direction DIFC first and than take the same flyover as coming from downtown. I will give Al Khail a try in the next days as well. The way through Al Wasl was just very convenient as you could bypass one Salik gate…

  2. Now I understand. Maybe the RTA will eventually introduce a road between the bridge next to the Churchill Towers and Meydan Road that will help to solve this problem. I guess the u-turn on Al Wasl road was only introduced to help with access problems while the first interchange was being upgraded, but I guess Al Khail road is your best option for now.

    1. as soon as the bridge to the Churchill Towers is open it will be a lot easier and Al Khail is in easy reach without cruising through whole business bay…

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