Thank you Lufthansa service…

lufthansawe went back from Frankfurt to Abu Dhabi yesterday morning with LH618. After the flight was booked in October and the one booking the tickets placed them all through the plane for back and forth travel. Insane for a family with 2 little kids.. When flying out to Frankfurt the Lufthansa desk in Abu Dhabi was handling it perfect and changed our seats. They told us as well that they cannot change for the return flight but we should call Lufthansa directly in Germany to do so.

I did that after landing and they said call 24 hours before departure, there is no problem. 24 hours before i called and was told on the hotline to mention this on ticket pickup in the airport. Mentioning it there they told us to speak to the people on the gate which told us to speak to the crew in the plane… In the end we were sitting split over the plane with 2 little kids which was ridiculous.

As i can choose the Airline i travel with Lufthansa will definitely be a No Go in the future for me. KLM which we used last year was worlds ahead of that.

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