Review: Bosporus Turkish Restaurant, Jumeirah Beach Road

bosporuswe have been today the first time since quite some time to Bosporus on the Jumeirah Beach Road. There had not been really many people there today, some outside smoking Shisha but inside we were the only ones.
Our Order had been taken pretty fast after we set down. Until we got the drinks it took quite some time again, and sadly they still had the 0.2l bottles for 13AED each which is still ridiculous considering i can get a 0.5l coke at an expensive vendor machine in the Dubai Mall for 3AED. but fine, its a prime location.

We wend for the the Doener Kebab Plate in chicken and beef a Pirzola and a Doener Duruem.

The Doener Kebab Plate i had was beef and very tasty with the red rice. The Doener Duruem to be honest was much better at Mr. Doener but thats probably a question of taste. In general it was not bad.

It sadly took another 15 minutes to get the waiter back to bring the bill which was a bit annoying. It felt somehow like the opening day where everything tool just ages. I would have been OK if the restaurant was full, but we were the only ones sitting inside…

for more info’s their homepage here: (LINK)

Review Bosporus Dubai
simply Perfect.
not bad but also not amazing.
Sadly not very active Staff, seen that better in the past. .
a great location, nice food, but bring time with you.

Total Cost:

1 extra Rice  8AED

1 small water 8AED

3 Pepsi 39AED

1 Pirzola 60AED

1 Doener Plate Chicken 55AED

1 Doener Plate Beef 55AED

1 Doner Duruem 35AED

Total: 260AED



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  1. Hi love your blog

    bosporus yeah i have been there too but i guess now the price are cheaper and better staff treatment its my go-to fav restaurant on the jumeira road.

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